True love

What are the Signs of True Love?


**Definition of Love**

How do you know that you love him?

True Love is more than an intense feeling of deep affection for someone. Why do I say that it is more than deep affection for someone? It is because, true love is principled? It is not infatuation or attraction. It is an unfeeling kind of love. Before you say you truly love him there are some practical things you have to put in place and pass them.

True love is practical; it is not expressed only in words alone but expressed more in works. Simply saying, “I love him!” doesn’t make real sense. You have to treasure all you know about him and ready to die for him. For example, you met him to be a handsome guy and interesting. Along the line, something happened to his physical outlook, that he turns disgusting and shameful. If it is true love, things will still remain the same way. Nothing changed, that’s how it should be. True love is unbearable and patient and kind.

**What Are the signs of True love?**

  • Unconditional
  • You Love Him For Who He IS
  • You can Be Yourself
  • Stick To Your Word
  • Total Respect
  • Mutual Happiness
  • Mutual Sacrifice
  • You are a Team
  • Contentment
  • Inner Joy and Satisfaction
  • Generosity
  • Patient
  • As Strong as Death

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