TOAN fight for Power in Ebonyi State Nigeria


Operators of Tricycle in Abakaliki, the Ebonyi state capital. Better known as “Keke Riders” are at daggers drawn with a group said to be enjoying government patronage over payment of certain amount for yet to be disclosed reasons.
Our reporter encountered a fiasco at Mile 50 Layout today between Keke Riders group. As well as some suspected debating group claiming power. The Keke Riders or TOAN not only engaged in war of words but also engaged in physical combat.

Secret behind the conflicts

At the centre of the squabbles is the payment of some amount of money. That is not negotiable by all Keke Riders  to Government coffers through a secret means.
Feternidad learnt that the keke operators are requested to pay about N5,000 to a group known as TOAN. Within Mile 50 layout Abakaliki, feternidad also observed that the TOAN has more than two leaders operating in the system, which caused the division of the group.

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