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About Race 3 Full Movie

Race 3 is an internationally mounted Sega of family that deals ruthlessly in borderline crime and vindictive to the core. Its a world of animated twist and turns at every corners, which takes the audience by surprise. When Shamsher (Anil Kapoor) entrusts Silkandar (Salman Khan) with a high a stakes heist along with the family for support, what would possibly go wrong? Well, I’m not to decide for you. The […]

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Salman Khan's Race 3

Salman Khan’s Race 3 Film is So Hilariously Terrible that it Deserves to Watch

Salman Khan’s Race 3 film is the latest entrant in all parts of India. When movies are placed in categories, it is either said to be good film, bad film and film that are so goodawful that they become very entertaining. To which categories does Race 3 fall under? No doubt the third aspects. Talking about Race 3, Salman Khan makes a real smashing entry (literally) with awful performance. As […]

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