Christianity Crackdown

Christianity Crackdown: Crisis in Nigeria as Thousands Killed in “Pure Genocide”

Last weekend 238 Christians were killed in a number of attacks by militia in plateau state of Nigeria. Plateau State is a region in the heart of the country that is filled with lots of natural resources. Currently Christianity Crackdown is the main predicament in that region. In a country ravaged by religious divisions, campaigners stated that, it is the latest form of “Pure Genocide”. A statement issued by the […]

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How To Link Payoneer Account And Fiverr With Local Bank Account

So many individuals has wondered whether it is possible to transfer payonner funds to local bank account without using the payoneer card. Based on the report from those livingĀ in India and Pakistani its proved that it is possible to do so. The reason behind this motive is because, those living in those areas can not have access to payoneer card. People have mixed opinion that, it is impossible to withdraw […]

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Nigeria Drivers License

Nigeria Drivers License: Requirements For Registration

At age 19 I was seriously in need of bank account and when I walked into the bank, I was informed that one of the requirements for registration was drivers license. Though I was confused of what to do in order to acquire a drivers license. I knew some so called smart people who got their drivers license through backyard means. That method was quite cheaper and affordable without many […]

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