Christianity Crackdown

Christianity Crackdown: Crisis in Nigeria as Thousands Killed in “Pure Genocide”

Last weekend 238 Christians were killed in a number of attacks by militia in plateau state of Nigeria. Plateau State is a region in the heart of the country that is filled with lots of natural resources. Currently Christianity Crackdown is the main predicament in that region. In a country ravaged by religious divisions, campaigners stated that, it is the latest form of “Pure Genocide”. A statement issued by the […]

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Zinox Acquires Konga Nigeria Best E-commerce Shock Deal

Four months after cutting nearly 65% of its staff, Konga, one of the leading e-commerce companies in Nigeria. Has been acquired by Zinox Company. Zinox is a local technology firm that manufactures and distributes computers and also manages data centers. The procurement of konga by Zinox takes over konga’s asset. As well as its online mall which actively attends to over 10,000 merchants. Zinox also takes proprietorship of Konga-in-house delivery and […]

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