You have website that is well-designed and you may feel that you are only one step ahead in the organic traffic. Bet if u leave in a competitive environments such as an inbound marketing it may seem as if all of your competitors are always at the top. Take for example #1 in google is the equivalent of a gold medal, someone might wonder how they might outpace their competitors and get to the top as their competitor’s were.

Genuine wisdom tells you to train harder. You might have started creating contents with the keywords in which you are trying to rank for. If your competitors have an edge in bigger contents creation, the right key to overcoming having I love traffic can’t be worked out smartly not harder.

Three ways to Overcome your competitors Traffic in the search engine.

Do your research and understand your competition


Many individuals often overlooked competitive analysis in a marketing strategy. Note that if you are not paying close attention to what your competition are doing you would actually miss opportunities. Identify who your competitors are, so that you can actually find their SEO strategies and keywords. Yes all of that information is available online even with the best free tools! When you have the list of all of your competitors. Visit SEMRush and type in their names in order to get list of the top 10-keywords they are ranking for.

What SEMRush does is that it provides the keywords, estimated number of searches for each of the keywords and the page that gets traffic. Your special attention here is on the “Top Organic keywords” and you can view the full reports. The organic keywords are the words your competitors are ranking for, along with other bits of useful information. In order for you too steal some of that traffic these organic keywords will help you to do that.

The secret is, choose the most relevant keywords that you noticed to have a reasonable amount of traffic then create content that target those keywords. Nevertheless keep in mind that all of this content must be of the highest quality when compared with your competitors. It must be of great value to the audience.

Work on your Domain Authority

Use the free moz toolbar to learn about what your score is when compared to your competitors. Moz collect information about every websites. It uses machine learning against google’s algorithms so as to give scores to websites. The domain authority we are talking about here ranges from 0 to 100. It predict how well a website will rank on SERP (search engine results page)

Target on Getting High-Quality Links

One way in which you can increase your Domain Authority is by getting high-quality links from other websites. SEO tools such as ahrefs can be used to find companies that are directly linking to your competitors’ sites. As soon as, you develop the higher quality content mentioned earlier, reach out to those sites and request that, they link to you instead. Note, your content must be realistic, better and add value. You can do this by increasing the length of your content, more current, better designed and more real than your competitor’s content. Ensure that your content is worthy of such link before taking such step. According to an Author he called this procedure the Skyscraper Technique.

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