Samsung Galaxy A3 2018 Battery Replacement

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Samsung Galaxy A3 2018 Battery Replacement – If you suspect that your Galaxy A3 won’t hold a charge anymore. Use this guide to replace the worn-out battery.

This process involves removing the display and the mid frame. You will need replacement adhesive to reattach display.

Before disassembling, discharge the battery below 25%. Reason because the battery can catch fire or explode if mistakenly punctured, but the probabilities of that happening are much lower if discharged.

 Steps Taken for Samsung Galaxy A3 2018 Battery Replacement

STEP 1 Display

  • Switch off your Samsung phone.

ⁱⁱⁱⁱⁱ If your screen is cracked cover the front panel with tape to protect yourself from glass wrecks and get a better grip.

  • Use an iOpener to soften the glue on the edge of the display and on the mid-frame. Concentration should be on the sides first and then later on the bottom part.
  • Use an iSclack or a suction handle to lift the display a little bit to get the gap with an opening pick.

� Insert the very tip of the opening pick and slide along the side to loosen the glue. The top and bottom should be left alone for now.

Step 2

  • When the glue has loosened enough on the side, lift the display a little bit more to get underneath the display with an opening pick.
  • Take a second opening pick and work your way just around the bottom edge.

� be careful where the two touch buttons at the bottom are. Take your time and be patient.

  • Repeat the last step and this one on the other side.

Step 3

  • Use the iOpener once again to heat up the bottom and top part to further soften the glue.
  • At this point you will be able to move the picks at the bottom closer to the home button and eventually open the display towards the top.

� don’t be in hurry to open the display right away. It is still connected to the motherboard. Also the gold foil behind the display might come off and remain glued to the mid-frame. You can re-attach it later. If your display is still working be careful not to tear the front panel off from the display. You should also be careful with the top part to avoid the risk of cutting any flex cables.

Step 4

  • At the top right corner of the device you can find the connector of the display. Use a spudger to disconnect it.
  • Now you can remove the display gently.

Step 5 Battery

  • Use screw driver to remove the ten Phillips #00 screws.
  • Lift up the two touch sensors in the lower area of the frame with a spudger.

Step 6

  • Remove the SD card tray and the SIM card tray to avoid damage to SIM card and SD card.
  • Use a Jimmy to lift up the mid-frame on the left side of the phone where the battery is placed.

� be careful not to puncture the battery underneath in order to avoid battery from exploding.

  • Remove the mid frame with all its components from the back cover.

Step 7

  • Unplug the battery connector with a spudger.
  • Use a spudger or an opening pick to get between the midframe and the battery to separate it from the glue.

� the frame around the battery is very fragile and easy to break. If the adhesive behind the battery is too strong, use an iOpener to soften it.

  • Remove the battery from the frame.

Step 8 Conclusion

To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order. Reapply adhesive where necessary.

Samsung Galaxy A3 2018 Battery Replacement- I hope it worked? Drop your comments below

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