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Scholarship Programs | The Obama Foundation Scholars Program at Columbia University


Many may be wondering, the goal of The Obama Foundation Scholars Program at Columbia University. Put simply, to bring together rising leaders from around the world. These are those that have demonstrated a level of commitments in their communities, countries, and regions. During the course of an academic year, the Foundation Scholars will have the chance to acquire deep knowledge and skills. This will be used to accelerate their capacities within their home countries.

The foundational followers are consisting of twelve Obama Foundation Scholars. They will partake in an immersive program that brings together educational, skills-based, and empirical learning, aimed by Columbia University in consultation with the Obama Foundation. Scholars will partake in a required course, which will run for the length of the educational year.  They will be able to select a few courses offered by Columbia University that are important to their specific field. What selecting values-based leadership, or fill in gaps in their previous studies? That’s not an issue. The program will also take advantage of the unique chances for rendezvous that come with being at one of the world’s most important centers of research and with being in New York.

The Obama Foundation Scholars program enables individuals who have a verified commitment to service to make their efforts more real. Detect innovative solutions to compound global problems, and to promote change through value-based leadership. The program will build lasting relationship among emerging leaders, creating a global network that reaches across issues and borders, and is committed to working together to solve the most unrelenting challenges of our time.


We are proud to be a partner with the Obama Foundation in launching the Obama Foundation Scholars at Columbia to advance our shared mission of developing leaders who are not only dedicated to making a difference, but also have the intellectual and practical skills to turn their ideas into action.

-Columbia University President Lee C. Bollinger


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