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Nigeria Drivers License: Requirements For Registration


At age 19 I was seriously in need of bank account and when I walked into the bank, I was informed that one of the requirements for registration was drivers license. Though I was confused of what to do in order to acquire a drivers license. I knew some so called smart people who got their drivers license through backyard means. That method was quite cheaper and affordable without many protocols. But I know that even if there exists advantages of it, there equally should be disadvantages of making such choice.

One thing that governs me is, having the ability to look at issues in the proper sense of view. Not having drivers license doesn’t mean that when I acquire one through backyard means will make me special, so I made effort to know what is required for the Nigeria drivers license. At the same time, I know there are many guys out there, who are ready to acquire the Nigeria drivers license but there is no information to properly guide them. That is the basis for this article. I will be using step-by-step strategy.

Walk into Federal Road Safety Commission capture center in any state/locations in Nigeria. You will be granted the Nigeria drivers license to drive around the country. At first you will be issued the temporary Nigeria drivers license without delay.

When you get to the Road Safety Commission, the office on duty will ask for your driving school certificate, learner’s permit and birth certificate.

Thereafter, the officer will be in a position to give you the Nigeria drivers license application form to fill. Kindly, read the instructions and fill it as required. There is no big task in the form. In the form there is a provision to enter full name, height, blood group, date of birth, state, local govt, mother maiden name, phone number of next of kin etc. After that you will indicate the number of years you want to apply either 3 or 5 years.

The officer will give to you an account number to go and pay in the bank. You can go to the bank given to you with a print-out of the Nigeria drivers license form with details. You will be allowed to make payment of N10,450 for 5 years validity into the account that will be provided by the officer. What the bank will request from you are; drivers license application id which is on the application form you filled. Make sure you are with the form when you get to the bank for payment. The bank will offer to you a stamped teller and a payment acknowledge slip printed on a plain paper.

After payment in the bank proceed to the VIO office where you can obtain the VIO test certificate for not less than N1000. After that proceed to the eye clinic for eye test. It wouldn’t cost you more than N500.

Therefore, go back to the FRSC capture center with photocopies of all the certificate and payment slip. You can submit the Nigeria drivers license application form, learners permit, bank teller and print out, plus eye test certificate and birth certificate.

You have to wait patiently for some time so that you will be invited to the capture room for necessary data to be collected such as; photo, fingerprint and signature.

Finally within few minutes, you will be issued temporary Nigeria drivers license. Note that the temporary drivers license will be valid for just two months and if after two months you didn’t get the permanent Nigeria drivers license, you need to return back to the office to enable you to validate the temporary drivers license.

That’s all.

Requirement For Nigeria Drivers License

Nigeria Drivers License

How Much Does It Costs To Get Nigeria Drivers License?

For interested once who wants Nigeria drivers license. Here is an analysis of how much it will cost you to get new Nigeria drivers license:

  • Driving School certificate : N8,000
  • VIO test certificate : N1,000
  • Eye Test Certificate : N500
  • Driver’s License Payment : N10,450 (for 5 years) or N6,350 (for 3 years)



To get Driving school certificate it can take you almost 2 months after registration. So you will be required to go to the driving school with the learners permit which will be issued to you by FRSC office. You can obtain the driving school certificate by enrolling in any FRSC accredited driving schools in Nigeria ASAP and process your drivers license later.

I hope this helps and if you have any question please feel free to comment in the box below.

Thank you dear!!

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