How To Link Payoneer Account And Fiverr With Local Bank Account


So many individuals has wondered whether it is possible to transfer payonner funds to local bank account without using the payoneer card. Based on the report from those living in India and Pakistani its proved that it is possible to do so. The reason behind this motive is because, those living in those areas can not have access to payoneer card. People have mixed opinion that, it is impossible to withdraw funds without a Payoneer card.

This is wrong!

It is certain that you can draw funds from local bank account without card. I know of acquaintance that transferred up to 20K. I thought it would be of benefit to you guys if I shared this experience. Below is the step by step guide of what will help you to be able to draw funds from your own bank account.

Steps To Link Payoneer With Local Bank

Step One: You need a local bank account

Step 2: Go to payoneer and create account. Remember to choose local bank account category at the very start. Fill in the form accurately that correspond with your original CNIC. If this is not done, there may be problems in authentication.

Step 3: Link your payoneer with fiver by opening Revenue Tab and clicking on bank transfer to include the details of your payoneer account. Fiverr will be shown in the payoneer fund sources

Step 4: Then transfer your fund to the payoneer account by clicking on the fund transfer.

Step 5: Next is to add your local bank account to payoneer. To achieve this you have to:

  • Click On Withdraw to bank account
  • You will be given a “from” tab and a “to” tab
  • Below the “to” tab is a small blue writing saying “add new”
  • Click On it
  • You will then get a prompt to answer some security question and will take you to a bank info page where you will write all your bank details.
  • Choose the bank name in the appropriate field
  • Add bank branch
  • Add Account Name and IBAN or International account number. You can find this online, just search account to IBAN conversion
  • Choose bank account swift code
  • Finally add description
  • Submit details

Step 5: Add the withdrawal amount

Step 6:Add the transaction description

Step 8: Click next and move on, providing the authentication details. The transaction will be received in your local bank account within 3-4 days.

This is exactly how its done to have your fund transferred directly to your local bank account without payoneer card. I hope this information helps all of you guys. Thanks! God day. Drop your comment below if there is any question.


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