NYSC : Nigerians react to the Death of Miss Linda Angela Igwetu


On the 4th July, 2018, a youth corps member, Linda Angela Igwetu, who was supposed to pass out on July 5th, was gun-down by a policeman in Abuja.

Linda Angela Igwetu  a 23 year old lady who graduated from the University of Lagos was gun-down by a policeman in Abuja. At the time that the incident took place; Linda was celebrating her passing out with her friends when the policeman shot at their car. Accidentally, she got gunshot wound and immediately she was rushed to Garki hospital. The media has it that she bled to death.

Linda Angela Igwetu

Nigerians on Twitter are angry about the incident and are lamenting about how unsafe it is to complete NYSC.


My P.A just informed me that a Youth Corper (NYSC) named  Linda Angela Igwetu was shot dead yesterday by a police officer and she’s meant to pass out today. Dear Nigerians, kindly RT this till the whole world sees it. First 100 RT will get 10K each.


UPDATE:. Nigerian Senate Takes Action on Death of NYSC Corper, Miss Linda Angela Igwetu, who was supposed to pass out today. “Every Nigerian life is important,” says Senate President, Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki.


A 23 year old woman was murdered by the police & your question is what was she doing outside at that time. Someone child who had just finished doing NYSC, about to enter the prime of her life, the embodiment of her parents hopes & dreams. amadioha cha kwa gi there


Today, the Senate resolved to look into the death of the young NYSC Corper, Miss Linda Angela Igwetu. Accordingly, we have directed our Committees on Youth and Sports, Health, and Police Affairs to investigate the incident and report back to plenary in 2-weeks.


“She was rushed to the Garki Hospital but they would not treat her until they saw a police report. Despite the fact that the police officers were present. While the deliberation was ongoing, Angela bled to death.”

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