The rumor clamoring all over Ebonyi state of Nigeria since last month is the confusion that exists between two brotherly local government-Ikwo and Izzi Local government. It was suspected on 28th February 2018 that unknown groups suspected to be from Izzi LGA, started causing great havoc at the neighboring communities. This havoc has caused innocent lives of indigenes in both local governments.

About Ikwo And Izzi

Ikwo is the largest local government Area in Ebonyi State. It is situated on the eastern part of  the state. The local government shares a border with Cross-River, Abakaliki, Izzi and Ezza local government. The people of Ikwo have a rich culture. Community and family are seriously valued. On the other side, Izzi local government is the next largest local government in the state. When compared with Ikwo local government area; someone can simple say that there is really no difference among both.

The question left unanswered is, who really are those causing this havoc? How could such a friendly and close communities turn enemies overnight? The history of the local governments in question has long enjoyed great peace and security. When carefully examined, it was suspected that the situation seems not to be from commercial system and religious system but political system around that region. The idea might be to destroy the political bonds that exist in the area. Everybody living in that region pleads to the government for help since their heart is on their mouth.

If and only if these two communities will realize where the problem is coming from and resolve it immediately the sooner the peace of the two communities will be restored. The traditional rulers needs to work hard in order to bring an end to such criticism. The government should ensure that the security needs of their citizens are ensured no matter what.

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