How to Make $500 Daily On Fiverr in Nigeria


If you are a researcher, you probably must have heard about is one of the freelancer website that allows you to work online and make money. It is an online marketplace where you advertise your skills and get paid for your work. You can setup fiverr in Nigeria and start enarning money.

There are numerous freelancer tools online such as;

  •  freelancer
  • waveapps
  • xero
  • freeagents
  • fiverr etc.

With fiverr, you can post online jobs you are sure you can do and you get paid once you deliver. This can be logo design, content marketing, article writing etc.

Below is a sample logo design service that was offered by a freelancer on fiverr for $85: Imagine how much naira you will make if you get atleast 10 customers a day to offer this gigs from fiverr in Nigeria.

i.e $85 x 10 = $850

If we assume $1 = N360, then your daily income will be N306,000. Wonderful right?

Below is what someone earned from working on foverr:fiverr in nigeria


In Nigeria, alots of freelancers make money on fiverr everyday by offering their services to customers worldwide some of them are already fiverr millionaires.

Like blogging, you can start earning money monthly from fiverr if you choose the selling gigs and advertise them to the right way to millions of buyers on fiverr.

Enoch, a young Nigerian freelancer that is currently making money from fiverr in Nigeria is giving out free access to his video course that will guide you on how to get started.

You can request access to the free fiverr course at :

Enoch has been working on Fiverr in Nigeria since mid 2013, using his knowledge of internet marketing and sales skills to create an amazing second income using Fiverr. He sells gigs that are in high demand and can easily be done by almost anyone.

His success didn’t start right away; it took him lot of experimenting and trial and error. This is simply because Fiverr is not a ponzi scheme – you have to work to make money from the site.

His free fiverr videos will save you the months of headaches to get you started in earning a great second income (or even a great full-time income from home).

You can request access to the free videos at :

Even if you’re just starting out, have never made a dime online and have zero experience in online marketing, you can start making money from fiverr in Nigeria.

Here is the 4-step strategy of making money on Fiverr in Nigeria:

  1. Choose skills you are good in
  2. Customize your fiverr profile according to your service [This is really important if you want to generate buyer attention]
  3. Let your offering be creative– [Very important tip to generate orders and make money online]
  4. Keep testing your gigs strategy.

It is not that hard to work on Fiverr in Nigeria. You just need to know how to set everything up correctly so that you get found.

If there is any question feel free to drop your comment below!

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