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Baby girl was born after 12 years in Fernando de Noronha Brazil after mother had no idea that she was pregnant. The incident came as a surprise to everyone including the mother.

The Mother 22-year-old was dumbstruck about the event. She felt something coming down between her legs on Saturday, she said; “on Friday night I had pains and when I went to the bathroom, I saw something coming down between my legs”.

She told O Globo that, it was the the child’s father that came and picked it up. “It was a baby, a girl. I was dumbstruck.”

Though there is no maternity ward in fernando de Noronha Island. As a result, pregnant mothers move to mainland to give birth. The family reports that, they were not aware of the pregnancy. Some started donating cloths for the baby girl.

Fernando de Noronha is an Island 370km (230miles) from the city of Natal. It has about 3000 inhabitants. The Island boasts some of the world’s best beaches and it is famous for its care to wildlife reserve in the whole of Brazil’s national maritime park. Dolphins, Whales, Sea turtle etc.
Fernando de Noronha is well known for its high vulnerability of wildlife which is one of the reasons why child birth is banned.

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