Download Skyscraper Highly Compressed Movie 2018

Download Skyscraper Highly Compressed Movie 2018


Movie Title: Skyscraper
Detected quality: HD
Language: English
Released year :July 13 2018

With Stars:

  • Dwayne Johnson
  • Neve Campbell
  • Pablo Schreiber
  • Roland Møller
  • Kevin Rankin
  • Adrian Holmes

Download Skyscraper Highly Compressed Movie 2018





Before you watch or Download Skyscraper Highly Compressed Movie 2018 it will be right to read the review below;
Sawyer (Dwayne Johnson) is a former FBI agent and also a U.S. war expert who now evaluates security for skyscrapers. While he’s on obligation in China, the world’s tallest and safest building catches fire and he was framed for it. Now he became a wanted man and needs to be on the run. In order to be safe, he must find those responsible, clear his name off reproach and somehow rescue his family members when they become trapped inside the flames.

In the movie Sawyer lost his leg in an explosion and later was operated by Sarah (Neve Campbell). Now married to Sarah, and dad to two kids – twins Henry (Noah Cottrell) and Georgia (McKenna Roberts) will work in a secured environment. When Sawyer was handed a Job in Hong Kong though that was what he hoped for. He hoped to get a job from Zhao Long Ji (Chin Han), who had constructed the world’s tallest and safest building, known as “The Pearl”. It was indeed a dark movie; the action started when a band of mercenaries breaks into the complex and starts a fire.

Sawyer’s family supposed not to be in the complex, but the reason why they were inside the complex was because, they got back early from a trip to the zoo. Who will rescue them from the inferno? But before anyone could rescue anyone in the complex, it became necessary to take the bad guys down.

IS The movie ANY GOOD?

The movie was in deed a technical one.  Speaking about the moral lessons of the movie, it is quit shocking that we can’t find any direct answer. The movie has about three gripping sequences of heart pounding suspense.  These are surrounded by too much ridiculous and ineffective stuff. Young once are to be careful about this movie that is, not to put into practice the lesson thought off.

Download Skyscraper Highly Compressed Movie 2018 yet to come

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