What is Granum? – Definition & Function

Granum are a necessary part of the process of photosynthesis. In this article you will learn exactly what grana are: their structure and function. What are Grana? We all need photosynthesis. All of us living on Earth’s surface, that is. Turning light into food energy is the foundation of almost all food chains on Earth and is the livelihood of plants and algae. These organisms house chloroplasts within their cells, organelles responsible […]

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NYSC : Nigerians react to the Death of Miss Linda Angela Igwetu

On the 4th July, 2018, a youth corps member, Linda Angela Igwetu, who was supposed to pass out on July 5th, was gun-down by a policeman in Abuja. Linda Angela Igwetu  a 23 year old lady who graduated from the University of Lagos was gun-down by a policeman in Abuja. At the time that the incident took place; Linda was celebrating her passing out with her friends when the policeman […]

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NYSC Mobilization

NYSC 2018 Batch B Mobilization To Commence By July

The report reaching us now is that the NYSC 2018 Batch B mobilization will commence by July. All prospective corp members are required to visit their registration dashboard  for updates. For the time stipulated, there are no adjustments as regards the date scheduled for the orientation exercise. We will, let you know if there is any serious adjustment to the timing in the future. The evidence of NYSC 2018 Batch B […]

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NYSC Deployment of Prospective Corps Member will begin shortly after the online registration on Tuesday 17th July 2018. Many  Batch B PCM 2018 are done with their registration and are awaiting for call-up letter. The information getting to us, is that PCM of batch B will get their call-up letters as from 19th July 2018. That is to say that NYSC will start deploying batch B PCM to their places […]

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