How To Migrate From Blogger To WordPress


Do you wants to move your blog from Blogger to WordPress? If you are currently searching on how to move, stop and read through the eight possible steps that is needed to migrate from Blogger to WordPress.

By the end of this article, you should be able to migrate a website without losing any backlinks. Please follow the step-by-step instructions very well.

Getting the WordPress site ready

Step One: Purchase a hosting package and a domain name from any hosting company e.g godaddy, Bluehost etc.

You can buy a new domain and hosting package together, with one year free domain name. Or you can choose to buy the hosting package. You’ll build your site on a temporary IP address until you are ready to go live. I work with four companies – Godaddy, WebHosting Hub, Bluehost, and Hostmonster. You should be able to set up a username and password as well.

Step Two: Install WordPress

So far so good you have purchased your host and you now know whether you are building your site with a fine organized domain name or with a temporary IP address, now go ahead and install WordPress. Here are the basic instructions. Or, you can call feternidad support to help you do that.

Log into your account. Click on cPanel or, you may find Install Popular Software, then click on WordPress icon.


Follow the instructions but there is crucial difference in instructions. If you already have Blogger blog attached to your custom domain,  you need to select the temporary IP address. If you have a address and bought your domain when you signed up for the account, then you can build right from the get go.

The install script should display to you where to login with your username, and password.

Step Three: Install a Theme

Pick one and start building! If you’re willing to pay for a theme right now, go with Dara.

Step Four: Set your permalink structures

Permalinks are the URLS of each post that is on the site. On blogger, you will see that the posts probably looks like this: As you are getting the WordPress site designed, it’s important that you make it to have exactly the same structure as the blogger blog. Here’s example.

Go to Settings and Permalinks. Then choose, custom structure. Then, type this in the field /%year%/%monthnum%/%postname%.html/ and remember to Click save.

That .html is important because blogger blogs have it at the end of their permalinks and while WordPress doesn’t. Note, If for some reason your blogger blog has the year, month, and day, you’ll need to add the /%monthday/

Moving the website from Blogger

Step Five: Creating Pages.

After importing, you may only want to bring in your best. Note, that the migration won’t import pages, meaning that you’ll have to do that separately through copying the html of each page and pasting it into the text view of a new WordPress page.

Step Six: Import your Blog

You need to install WordPress plug-in in order to achieve the step. The best plug-in to install is the BLOGGER IMPORTER EXTENDED the version in the WP tools dashboard isn’t recommended.

Go to Plugins > Add New, on your WordPress dashboard.

Type in the search tab, Blogger Importer Extended.

Install the plug-in and activate.

Check off the check box,  “Keep Slugs” and if you want to preserve the blogger formatting, do well to uncheck “Convert Formatting”. Please note that this will only import your posts, pages, comments and labels. You may want to import your widgets; you will have to do so manually with copy and paste method!

Cleaning up

Step Seven: Formatting text

Sometimes the text is messed up (though you uncheck preserve formatting, this does a clean job of cleaning all the extra blogger html tags). You can use the eraser button on a clipboard button to further clean text.



Step Eight: Test backlinks

You have to compare a few permalinks between the new blog and the old Blogger blog. To do this, start by looking for those URLS that might have the word ‘A’ in them and see if it matches. If it does not, you need to find that post on the new blog and edit the permalink.

To do that, go to Posts > All Posts

Find the post.

Click Quick Edit. Now,  get rid of the ‘A’.

Then click Update!

Step Nine: Install Basic plug-inl



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